The Human-Animal Bond: Insights for Veterinary and Pet Care Professionals

Delivering Difficult News

Stephanie Langston, PhD 

In their day-to-day work veterinary and pet care professionals often have to deliver difficult news to their clients (pet owners). In this segment counseling psychologist - Stephanie Langston, PhD - discusses the topic of delivering difficult news or information to pet owners, and the steps that these professionals can take to facilitate effective conversations so that everyone involved can have their needs met and move forward in a grounded and helpful way.

Approved for 0.5 hour of CE credit by AAVSB RACE, NY State and NJVMA.
Approved for CEU credit for animal behavior consultants by CCPDT.

Running time: 36 mins

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Understanding and Overcoming Client Economic Limitations

Wendy Hauser, DVM

Our ability to help pets stay healthy depends on our skills in effectively partnering with clients. We need to be aware of not only the financial costs owners incur in caring for their pets, but also the emotional consequences that caregivers of ill animals experience.

In this 4-part series Dr. Wendy Hauser examines how animal care providers can understand and use the techniques discussed to manage client financial expectations and overcome economic limitations. 

Earn up to 1 hour of AAVSB RACE, NY State and NJVMA-approved CE credit.

  • Part I: The impact on pets, their owners, and animal health care teams (Running time: 15 mins)  Read More & Register >

  • Part II: A Key to Improving Pet Owner Adherence and Adoption of Your Recommendations (Running time: 10 mins)  Read More & Register >

  • Part III: Overcoming Perceived Financial Barriers (Running time: 13 mins)  Read More & Register >

  • Part IV: Three Tools to Help Clients Overcome Financial Limitations (Running time: 19 mins)
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Behavior Problems in Pets and the Impact on the Human-Animal Bond

Emma K. Grigg, MA, PhD, CAAB

Behavior problems in companion animals are among the primary reasons for relinquishment of pets to shelters and they commonly lead to euthanasia of pets. It has been suggested that euthanasia for behavior problems occurs more commonly than for all medical reasons combined, and that behavior problems are the leading killer of pets.

In this 4-part series Dr. Emma Grigg, PhD, CAAB discusses the impact of pet behavior problems on pet owners as well as the human-animal bond. She shares tips for discussing animal behavior with owners, communicating about different types of training methods, options for dealing with pets with severe behavior problems including euthanasia, and how to support and help clients cope with the decision to euthanize a pet as a means for dealing with severe behavior problems.

Earn up to 1.75 hours of AAVSB RACE, NY State and NJVMA-approved CE credit.

Approved for CEU credit for animal behavior consultants by CCPDT.

  • Part I: Navigating the Minefield: Communicating with clients about dog training techniques (Running time: 27 mins)  Read More & Register >

  • Part II: Talking about behavior problems with your clients (Running time: 23 mins)  Read More & Register >

  • Part III: Euthanasia for Severe Behavior Problems - Part I: Building Compassion (Running time: 16 mins)  Read More & Register >

  • Part IV: Euthanasia for Severe Behavior Problems - Part II: Helping Clients Cope (Running time: 23 mins)  Read More & Register >



End-of-Life Communication, Care, Death, and Dying 


Cherie T. Buisson, DVM, CHPV

In this 4-part series Certified Hospice and Palliative Care veterinarian Dr. Cherie Buisson shares some essentials for having discussions about end-of-life care, death, and dying with pet owners.

Earn up to 1.75 hours of AAVSB RACE, NY State and NJVMA-approved CE credit.



Euthanasia: Protecting and Preserving the Bond


Kathleen Cooney, DVM, CHPV, CCFP

Euthanasia is one of the most common procedures performed in companion animal practice.

In this 3-part series Dr. Kathleen Cooney guides veterinary and pet care professionals in how to assist pet owners with decision making for euthanasia, determine and align with their needs, and ensure a good euthanasia experience for all involved. Discussion includes how to prepare and set the stage for a peaceful passing and best support families. 

Earn up to 1.5 hours of AAVSB RACE, NY State and NJVMA-approved CE credit.

  • Part I: Preserving and Protecting the Bond - Euthanasia Preplanning (Running time: 24 mins)  
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  • Part II: Preserving and Protecting the Bond - The Euthanasia Appointment (Running time: 23 mins) Read More & Register >

  • Part III: Euthanasia - Maintaining the Bond (Running time: 27 mins) Read More & Register >