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Veterinary professionals are in the unique position of caring for both patients and clients. While rewarding, the role and work environment can lend itself to particular challenges that can impact the overall health and wellness of veterinary staff. Research highlights the importance of maintaining health and wellness to not only sustain oneself in a challenging profession but to also provide good service to patients and clients alike; however, many veterinary professionals are lacking the tools to manifest such wellbeing.

Through a process of self-discovery and self-improvement our Coaching sessions are designed to provide you with personalized and concrete tools to improve your overall wellness and more specifically, your compassion resilience.

Compassion fatigue is commonly referred to as the ‘cost of caring.’ It is the cumulative impact of secondary trauma (exposure to others’ pain and suffering) and burnout (prolonged response to job stressors which can include insufficient resources, high workload, and inadequate organizational support).  Those experiencing compassion fatigue are likely to feel a range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impacts that can interfere with both personal and professional happiness. 

Compassion fatigue typically follows a trajectory (per The Traumatology Institute): 

  1. The Zealot Phase: Committed, available, involved 
  2. The Irritability Phase: Cut corners, avoid interactions, distracted
  3. The Withdrawal Phase: Tired all the time, numb emotions, no enthusiasm 
  4. The Zombie Phase: Disconnected from self and others, no compassion, auto-pilot mode
  5. Pathology vs. Renewal / Maturation: Consider leaving the profession OR Transform 

Where on this spectrum do you believe you are? If you’ve answered anywhere from phases 2 to 4, there is good news - compassion fatigue is very responsive to change and our goal is help you move from a state of compassion fatigue to one of resilience. Choosing to address compassion fatigue could be the single most important professional move of your career. Our goal is to ensure you thrive, not just survive, in your career! 

Who is this for?

Veterinary wellness and professional resiliency coaching is for any animal care provider who has become overwhelmed with their work or is feeling less enthusiastic about their job as a result of:

  • Experiencing negative effects of work-related stress
  • Holding high demand / high stress professional roles
  • Being exposed to secondary trauma (i.e. the trauma of those you are supporting)

You do not need to be experiencing compassion fatigue to benefit from this Coaching. These sessions are designed to help anyone who is facing work-related stress learn concrete tools to improve their overall wellness and sense of wellbeing.

We do offer both individual Coaching and Coaching for teams / organizations. If you have questions or want to learn about VetVine's Veterinary Wellness and Professional Resiliency Coaching for teams Contact Us.

What will I get out of the program? 

A person who is experiencing chronic levels of stress often feels depleted and may have great difficulty accessing and using their skills for living, working and functioning. They may or may not even be aware of this when powering through their day in and day out routine. Participating in this psychoeducational Coaching program will help build your resilience so that you experience:

  • A stronger sense of self
  • Greater feelings of empowerment
  • Increased productivity
  • Renewed energy 

The tools and techniques discussed in your Coaching sessions are designed to support you in both your personal and/or professional life so that you can reap the benefits in all facets of your life.

What can I expect?

This is a collaborative process in which you can expect your Coach to develop a positive, supportive, goal-oriented and non-judgmental environment where you can explore and address issues impacting your wellness and perform at your optimal level. Our Coaches are experienced professionals in personal and organizational coaching.

Role of the Coach: 

  • Encourage participant self-discovery
  • Foster self-determination so that the change process is led by the participant 
  • Provide concrete tools and techniques to build wellness and resilience 

Role of Participant (you!):

  • Come prepared to each session having completed any required tasks
  • Attend each session with a willingness to share, discuss and self-reflect
  • Be ready to commit to change 

How does it work?

VetVine's Veterinary Wellness and Professional Resiliency Coaching Program includes 6 scheduled sessions (60 to 90 mins each) that are conducted via Zoom. On your appointed days and times you will meet online with your Coach in a private and secure online meeting space. 

In advance of your first session you will complete a series of online assessments. Your confidential responses will provide a basis for the personalized tools and change process plan that will be designed by your Coach and they include: 

  • Professional Quality of Life Scale (Stamm, 2009)
  • Trauma Recovery Scale (J. Eric Gentry)
  • Silencing Response Scale (Baranowsky, 2002)
  • Global Check Set (Baranowsky & Gentry, 1998) 
  • Index of Clinical Stress (Abel, 1991)

Throughout your Coaching Program you will be assigned other "homework" to further support and foster your discovery and change process. You will also receive weekly motivational emails and/or text messages to support you in between your scheduled sessions.

Coaching Session Overview

Session One (60-90 mins):  Assessment - In this session your Coach will review and discuss your scoring on the assessements, identify your strengths and vulnerabilities, and determine your Coaching plan and goals.

Session Two (60-90 mins): Purpose - This session will serve to reconnect you with your professional purpose. Discussion with your Coach will include your motivations for pursuing a career in an animal caring profession, your unfulfilled dreams or results, and roadblocks to achieving your vision of an ideal result.

Sessions Three & Four (60-90 mins each):  Emotional Intelligence - These sessions will help you to identify areas of emotional intelligence that are being practiced well, areas requiring improvement to promote resilience, and tools / techniques to foster and strengthen your emotional intelligence. Your Coach will guide you in strengthening your self-awareness, self-management and emotional regulation, social / organizational awareness, and relationship / conflict management.

Session Five: Skills Acquisition and Self-Care (60-90 mins)- This session will focus on your professional development and skills goals as well as your self-care needs and goals. Your Coach will discuss the dimensions of self-care and work with you to identify what is working well and what requires change to enhance your wellbeing.

Session Six: Self-Care and Compassion Resilience Workplan (60-90 mins) - In this session your Coach will continue discussion of your self-care measures, possible roadblocks, and ideas for overcoming perceived barriers. Your Coach will suggest a plan for your ongoing compassion resilience work and personal care. 

* Follow-Up Sessions will be available on a pay-per-session basis to delve deeper into any of the areas discussed throughout the Program, revisit areas of concern, provide support for navigating through roadblocks, and provide accountability for implementing your compassion resilience workplan.

Coaching Program Fee (individuals) = $1,575
- VetVine Premium Membership subscribers save $100 on the registration fee with a valid Promo Code