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How to Get The Word Out?

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    August 29, 2012 8:52 PM EDT
    Best way to use Twitter, Facebook (Pinterest?) to get the holistic pet care word out?
  • September 4, 2012 1:47 PM EDT
    Hi Jeff,
    Be very specific with your message, be consistent. Consider what else your ideal client is looking at and is concerned about and make posts (including suggested links, etc.) that speak to those concerns. Most important, stay on target with your message!
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    September 4, 2012 3:45 PM EDT

    Using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to Promote Holistic Pet Care

    In some ways, having a niche within your veterinary practice makes it a whole lot easier to find and curate content for your social networks. Having a central focus may also gain you more loyal and engaged followers who are keenly interested in your topic. Using holistic medicine as an example, let’s look at some key ways to promote your topic and spread your message across the web! Thanks Dr. Jeff for your question! :)


    When thinking about holistic pet care, two content ideas that immediately come to mind are picture updates and website redirects.

    Pictures are eye catching in the newsfeed and often are the most read and clicked on posts. Before and After photos on successful treatments or providing a photo of a condition along with information on what it is and the recommended treatment are two of many possibilities for this type of update.

    Using status updates to link back to your website or other sites across the web relevant to your topic will increase traffic to your website and blog and improve your SEO. You could link to news stories on holistic medicine or partner with vendors you utilize in your practice to cross-promote.

    Now Dr. Jeff already has a great following on Facebook and his followers are very engaged – meaning he has a lot of interactions on his status updates. There might be some minor changes I would suggest, but in general it provides a wonderful example of providing interesting content, and a variety of it.



    The same concepts on promoting your website and other relevant content also apply to using Twitter. Creating a conversation with other Twitter users is important. When people look at your Twitter profile, they want to see you are reaching our and responding to people who are trying to interact with you. Twitter isn’t passive! Do a keyword search on Twitter to find people talking about you topic, and reach out to them. Use hashtags (#) to help people find you when they’re searching for your topic.

    Here’s Dr. Jeff’s Twitter page:



    Pinterest should be promoted from your website, Facebook, and Twitter. Your pinboards should include things like the photos you share on Facebook and pet products specific to your topic.

    Aim to provide unique content on each of your networks to reach as many different people as possible. And if you’re not already blogging, this should become a part of your weekly routine.

    Feel free to leave any additional comments, suggestions, or questions!