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Location, Location, Location!

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    January 26, 2012 12:34 AM EST

    For the first topic in Tech Trends I wanted to look at location based marketing, what's happened over the past year, and where veterinary practices should be with it.

    Ever heard of Foursquare? If not, its a teeny tiny little mobile app that in 2011 boasted its 15 MILLIONTH user! Other location-based marketing strides were made in 2011 by Facebook, Google+, Groupon, eBay, and more!

    Feel free to look some of those up...but in this topic I want to focus on Foursquare.

    As mentioned, Foursquare is a mobile app. It's also quite like a game, but a game with very real rewards. The concept is simple: A user goes somewhere, opens the app, taps where they're at, and checks in! Their check in is shared with their Foursquare friends, as well as any Facebook and/or Twitter account connected to the app.

    The user rewards include bragging rights - having more points from their check ins than all their friends, fun virtual badges - earned for completing various check ins, or actual free goods or discounts (more on this later).

    Foursquare is also a simple concept from the veterinary practice perspective. Be present on Foursquare - look for your listing and claim it so you can administrate it (if it doesn't exist already you can start from scratch).

    The reward is that many of your clients will be checking in to your practice, and notifying various circles of their friends via their connected social networks. Those friends now have easy access to your practice information and (hopefully) an unspoken recommendation from your client. This is viral marketing at its best. Additionally, you can set up incentive offers for clients who check in frequently, or become your "Mayor" - the ultimate Foursquare honor!

    There are a myriad of other things you can do as a business on Foursquare, including providing a link in your listing to your website and Facebook page. Get started on Foursquare for your veterinary practice here:

    Like every social network, changes and improvements are being made to Foursquare all the time. Recently, recommendations based on past check-ins and from Living Social, Groupon, and Scoutmob are being promoted to users. Brands are also getting involved, enriching the experience of the user.

    At the rate Foursquare grew in 2011, there's no question: veterinary practices should be involved with it! The best part is once it's set up, Foursquare is a "hands-OFF" experience. Having free and easy set up, passive viral marketing, and creating happy, rewarded customers makes Foursquare an obvious return on investment.

    Feel free to comment, ask questions, or talk about your own experience with Foursquare.


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    February 3, 2012 4:46 PM EST

    Once you claim your Foursquare listing, here's the link to claim your free window cling to let your clients know you reward them for checking in! (It may take several weeks to arrive.)