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Precautions at Dog Shows to Prevent Spread of Diseases

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    April 28, 2020 11:18 AM EDT

    This question was submitted during the webinar titled Time to Get Tough and "Ruff": Protecting Dogs from Infectious Disease:

    What precautions can judges at dog shows take to prevent the spread of infectious diseases – at the show, as well as to reduce taking infections away from the event (e.g., home to their own dogs).

    Dr. Jason Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD, DACVPM responded:


    Simple precautions go a long way. Having handlers / owners have most (ideally all) contact with the individual dogs is important. This would include allowing the owner  /handler to show the dog’s bite, move the dog to allow the judge to see parts of the dog, etc. Judges should wash their hands (soap and water or alcohol-based hand-sanitizer) frequently throughout a show, especially immediately before and after judging each group of dogs.  Judges should ensure the event’s canine health requirements are closely followed – no sick dogs, no dogs on-site that are not part of the event, etc. If a judge has close contact with a sick dog at the event (touching or within 6 feet of a dog coughing / sneezing) it would be best to change clothing before further judging. 


    In terms of bringing home pathogens, this risk can greatly reduced by washing hands (or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer) immediately before leaving the show, changing clothing before arriving home and cleaning and disinfecting any items you brought with you that were used by other people / dogs (e.g., clippers).