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Time to get tough and "Ruff": Protecting dogs from infectious diseases

The world has been watching as the novel human coronavirus spreads from China to people around the globe. This event highlights that infectious diseases that can move between people and animals are constantly emerging in our society. Sometimes, these diseases can infect our pets. Dogs are at risk of illness from hundreds of infectious diseases, with new infectious organisms constantly being identified. Each year these infections result in substantial dog illness and in some cases death. Every dog is at risk for infectious diseases and dogs that spend time in group settings (e.g., boarding facilities, doggie daycare, shows, shelters) are at increased disease risk.

This webinar includes discussion about infectious diseases in dogs and what we can all do to protect our dogs (and ourselves) from infectious diseases - the ones of today ... and those of tomorrow. This discussion will unpack key modifiable practices likely to have the greatest influence on reducing dog infections and disease. Both individual dog and community level (e.g., dog importation) approaches will be discussed. Special attention will be devoted to areas under increased scrutiny by dog owners such as vaccination. At the conclusion of the session, attendees will have learned and be able to put into practice simple, practical steps that best protect our canine companions.

Running time: 68 mins followed by 10 minutes of Q&A 

Registration compliments of:  AKC Canine Health Foundation

Veterinary Professionals can earn AAVSB RACE, NY State, and NJVMA-approved CE credit on a pay-per-view basis or inclusive of a VetVine Premium Membership.