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Is The Era of The CD Coming To A Close?

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    February 27, 2012 11:25 PM EST

    I read an article in Rolling Stone this week about CDs in the music industry. Last year about 223 million CDs were sold. Does that sound like a lot? In fact, those sales only make up about half of music revenue. In addition, digital sales last year won out over CD sales - for the first time ever!

    Despite creative marketing efforts and lower prices, the demand for CDs will continue to decline. As this happens, CD use of any kind will fade as will use of the equipment normally associated with that media.

    With this decline will eventually come some adjustments in veterinary practices. I believe one development will be a mass transition to wireless services. Instead of installing practice management software with hardware, it will be downloaded. And instead of backing up and storing records in an on-site server, practices will use "the cloud" - a more secure off-site internet based storage tool.

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