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Fear or Anxiety in Dogs with Epilepsy

  • September 16, 2017 10:00 PM EDT

    Over the next several weeks we'll be devoting a bit of attention to the topic of idiopathic epilepsy in dogs. We're excited to share information, gleaned from experts in the field, that could be game-changing to the way that we manage affected patients.

    Karen R. Muñana, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology) will be discussing our current understanding of the relationship between GI health, the gut microbiome, and epilepsy. She'll also explain why up to 1/3 of dogs respond poorly to antiepileptic drug therapy.

    We've also recently presented information about the effect of diet - specifically enriched with medium chain triglycerides - on the frequency of seizures in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy and their behavior comorbidities.  Here's a preview:

    Another aspect we want to focus on are the behavioral changes or comorbidities noted in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy. Humans with epilepsy are reported to have a higher incidence of psychiatric disorders (anxiety and depression) as compared to the general population.  

    We'd like to use this thread to conduct an informal survey and find out about your experiences related to dogs with epilepsy. How commonly do you see behavior problems? What sorts of problems? How successfully have they been managed (either with behavior modification or medications)?