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The Hidden Truth about Exercise

  • May 11, 2017 5:24 PM EDT

    Do you love to exercise? Are you motivated to exercise? Or do you dread exercise and think of it as something you should do? Do you think that if you exercise you can eat anything you want? Guess again. Here are  three hidden truths about exercise that you need to know.

    The truths about exercise:

    • Your current motivation is based on your past

    It turns our that your past relationship with exercise has everything to do with what motivates you to exercise now.

    Michelle Segar has made a study of the science of motivation with exercise. Her simple advice makes sense. "Take any and every opportunity to move, in any way possible, at what ever speed you like, for any amount of time. Do what makes you feel good; stop doing what makes you feel bad."

    • You cannot outrun your fork.

    No amount of exercise will allow you to eat junk food, high processed foods, and sugar filled drinks. So give up on the idea that exercise will allow you to eat anything you want.

    •  Exercise has to be something you like to do

    When you think of exercise as a chore or something you must accomplish, it becomes easy to avoid or to give it a low priority. What motivates people, is to choose things we like to do, that make us feel good.

    Exercise is just the way you keep your body in shape, so that you can enjoy all of the things you want to do in life. You only get one body. You cannot trade it in like a used car.

    Exercise is not running on a treadmill until you are miserable. Exercise is any activity that elevates your heart rate and gets you moving. If you don’t like exercise, find an activity that you do like. Here are some ideas:

    • Dance at a club or in your own home to favorite tunes
    • Take a class – try something you have never done
    • Hike / walk. Walk to do your errands ...
    • Gardening or yard work
    • Play ball or catch with your dog, kids, or friends
    • Clean out a closet or your garage
    • Play outside - remember how we did that as kids
    • Shoot baskets - you don’t have to be good at it

    The truth about exercise ... be creative and have fun moving.