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Swim Around the Rocks

  • December 21, 2016 1:51 PM EST

    Habits can be helpful or they can be so automatic that we forget to reflect and consider whether we could improve or change a process to make it easier.

    What causes us to continue to push through the toughest possible path ... is it because it's just always what we have done? What keeps us from trying a different path ... just to see if it might be easier?

    I had a dream last night. I love swimming. It feels good, improves my mood, and gives my brain a rest while my body gets a great workout.

    In my dream, the pool was full and in each lane people were just floating in small boats taking up all the space. If I attempted to swim with the boats, I would hit my head, have to stay underwater, or just get pushed around by the boats. Even when I asked nicely, the people in the boats were not willing to move for me. So my dream self decided if I wanted to swim I would have to give up on the pool and just go swim in the air.

    Dreams are magic. What I discovered was how fun and easy it was to swim in the air. Why had I not tried this before?

    If you find yourself pushing through obstacles, consider how you might go around them. How could you avoid the obstacles and make life easier? Is there a new path or idea you could try? Play the “what if” game. What if this might work?

    What if someone else has a good idea? How could I make this process easier?

    What patterns do you have that might be improved upon by trying something completely different? In my dream I was free to explore unheard of possibilities. In real life you will benefit by thinking as if anything were possible. Surprise yourself by taking a different path and see what you learn.

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