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Self Talk - Is it helpful?

  • November 2, 2016 7:34 PM EDT

    What do you want to hear when you talk to yourself?

    How would you inspire your best friend who needed support in a time of crisis?

    I hear too many "why" questions in my self talk.

    Why did you do that? Why didn't you finish that? Why are you still worried about what you cannot change?

    I can change my self talk by focusing on the words that demonstrate love, courage and compassion. My mantra has been: you are loved, you are loveable.

    You are strong. You have courage. Follow your heart. Be kind. Give yourself credit. Pay attention to the light within. Listen to your heart. Be caring to yourself so you have the ability to share that caring spirit.

    What do you need to tell yourself? Find those words and repeat as often as needed.