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Pain Management, Anti-inflammatories, Immunoregulation in Cats

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    May 13, 2015 10:42 AM EDT

    As stated in a previous post in this forum, the levels of evidence for how we treat our patients in clinical practice is often low. We also face some therapeutic challenges in treating cats due to the adverse effects they may experience, the practicality in dosing, and patient compliance.

    A recently published paper looked at a variety of medications and their use in the feline species. These include new and emerging therapies as well as novel uses for other drugs that are more familiar to us. In a previous EBU, I discussed antibiotics and antiviralsIn my recent EBU, available for viewing on demand, the focus is on pain management, anti-inflammatories, and immunoregulation. The drugs discussed include:

    • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory - Robenacoxib (COX-2 inhibitor)
    • Immunomodulatory - Cyclosporine A
    • Immunomodulatory - Oclacitinib (Janus kinase inhibitor)

    Discussion includes a brief review about each class of drug, indications, contraindications, and recommended dosing. View it in the Evidence Based Updates (running time 13 mins). (Approved for CE credit in New York and by the NJVMA, pending approval for CE credit by AAVSB RACE).


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    Update in Feline Therapeutics - Clinical use of 10 emerging therapies - Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (2015), 17, pp 220-234