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Facebook Use by Veterinarians

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    May 28, 2013 8:15 AM EDT

    In a recent JAVMA article:  Facebook use among early-career veterinarians in Ontario, Canada (March to May 2010) - JAVMA, Vol 242(8), Apr 15, 2013, the authors conducted a search for profiles of veterinarians who had graduated within the preceeding 6 years.  

    They were looking at the content of those profiles and evaluating whether it presented a low, medium or high exposure risk to their professional pubic image.  Almost one quarter of the profiles they looked at contained content of a "questionable nature," that could pose a risk to the individual's reputation, the practice's, or the profession.  This content included breaches of client confidentiality, evidence of substance abuse, and demeaning comments to others.

    What's a practice owner to do about setting guidelines for and monitoring their employee's use of Facebook or other social media outlets?  This study just looked at veterinarians ... it didn't even take into account other staff members and their online behavior.  I also wonder how many practice owners have a policy about their employees personal use of Facebook / other social media outlets.

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    July 9, 2013 11:45 PM EDT

    Great topic! I think this can be a huge and complicated (and I've even seen heated) conversation. I think a great way to start is simply and casually reminding all staff together (maybe in a team meeting) to review their social media privacy settings and be aware of what anyone/the general public can see. This may create an action without making anyone feel their outside of work activities are being questioned or judged. :)