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Can Rosemary Extract Trigger Seizures?

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    November 14, 2022 2:42 PM EST

    Question submitted during Session III of The Canine Epilepsy Summit:

    "I’ve heard that Rosemary Extract can be a potential trigger (of seizures). It’s really hard to find a food that is free of Rosemary Extract - how much should I worry about this?"

    - Answer provided by a Session III Panelist:

    Thank you for this question. I am not a nutritionist, but as far as I understand these are sometimes added to diets to improve stability. The doses added should be safe … but … what I have learned now over the years is that only the major companies out there do do their due diligence and keep batches+analyse these for quality control. Smaller companies often do not have the resources to do this. Thus, I would recommend going with major companies who have stringent quality control or consult a nutritionist for a home made diet … I hope this helps and answers your question.