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Feeding the Horse - Pearls and Practical Considerations

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    December 8, 2021 1:39 PM EST

    A 4-part series on feeding the horse presented by internationally recognized and leading equine nutrition expert Dr. Steve Jackson, PhD!  


    Forages: The basis of equine nutrition

    View On Demand - Running time 56 mins

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    In this segment Dr. Jackson discusses the role of forages and fiber in meeting nutrient requirements and in promoting the health of horses. Discussion will include:

    - Forage species appropriate for horses in pasture and hay
    - Reliable estimates of forage intake for different classes of horses
    - How to read and understand forage analysis including what the numbers mean
    - Converting numbers to an understanding of meeting nutrient requirements


    Feeding Mares and Young Horses

    View On Demand - Running time 53 mins

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    This segment will focus on the relationship between mare nutrition, fetal development, and postpartum growth including the feeding and nutrition of weanlings and yearlings. Discussion will include:

    - Nutrition of the pregnant mare and the impact on fetal development
    - Milk production in mares and "creep feed or no creep feed"
    - Transition of foals from on their mares to weanlings and then to yearlings
    - Pitfalls that may be encountered along the way that may involve or be caused by nutrition
    - Feeding horses for sale or show


    Feeding Athletic and Performance Horses

    View On Demand - Running time 53 mins

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    In this segment Dr. Jackson will focus his discussion on the proper feeding of the athletic horse and how to best meet the nutrient requirements for work. Discussion points will include:

    - Nutrient requirements
    - Important nutrients for work and the best sources of nutrients for athletic horses
    - Balancing fiber and hard feed to meet nutrient needs and maintain gut health
    - Typical nutrient specification for feeds for performance horses
    - Supplements and avoiding over-supplementation

    Common and uncommon diseases in horses that have a nutrition or nutritional management cause or component

    View On Demand - Running time 77 mins  (68 of presentation and 9 of Q&A)

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    In this segment the focus turns to the impacts of nutrition - from deficiency to excess of nutrients - on the health and productivity of horses. Discussion will include:

    - How to identify whether health problems are due to management or "the feed"
    - Nutritional excesses as a cause of disease in the horse
    - Taking ownership of the health of horses
    - Most common diseases that have a nutritional component including: equine metabolic syndrome, PPID or Cushings Syndrome, nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism, myositis, recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis, polysaccharide storage myopathy, hyperkalemic periodic paralysis, fescue toxicity, and developmental orthopedic disease

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