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Breeding Goldens - How far to look back in lines of dogs?

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    December 23, 2020 5:23 PM EST

    This question was submitted during the webinar titled: PU - What's That? Golden Retriever Pigmentary Uveitis:

    When considering breeding and looking at lines of Golden Retrieves with PU, is there a distance further back that is safer, or opinion about the health in the lines?

    Dr. Wendy Townsend, DVM, MS, DACVO responded:

    The more information you can get about dogs as they got older, then the better off you are for PU and for health in general. I know this gets very hard, but if you can get back 3-4 generations and you know how old those animals were when they died, what they died from, and if their eyes were still clear at that time, that’s tremendous information to have.