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Disinfectants and Canine Influenza Virus

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    July 21, 2019 9:17 AM EDT

    Question submitted during the webinar What the Flu? Protecting Dogs and Communities From Canine Influenza Virus:

    May bleach be used as a disinfectant?  if so what concentration? Left on area for how long?

    Answer provided by Jason Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD, DACVPM:

    As an enveloped virus, CIV is inactivated by routinely used disinfectants (including bleach – this link provides key details on using bleach for disinfection). It is important to remember that the choice of disinfectants for a facility / home should be based on all pathogens (germs) that are a concern for that location (some of which will be more difficult to kill than CIV and thus require different disinfectants). 

    For a summary of the spectrum of activity and characteristics of commonly used disinfectants, please consider visiting the following:

    2018 AAHA Infection Control, Prevention, and Biosecurity Guidelines, under properties of disinfectants, there are links for information on:

    • Antimicrobial spectrum of disinfectants
    • Characteristics of selected disinfectants
    • Properties of disinfectants
    • How to read a disinfectant product label