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Watch Your Back, Keep Your Knees!

  • April 1, 2019 6:01 PM EDT

    Most people don't think about it much but working with animals can really take a toll on the human body. Pet care professionals are frequently - throughout their day - bending, stooping, lifting, and contorting their bodies to perform a wide variety of work duties. Back injuries are a common consequence to improper technique in lifting or standing in awkward positions, and are one of the most costly and debilitating of injuries - according to the AVMA PLIT. In fact, over 25% of workers' comp claims are related to ergonomic injuries including back injuries.

    Watching out for your own back doesn't stop in the workplace ... our general posture and the way we carry ourselves also impacts our back health. We've all been told to bend at the knees and hips to minimize back strain, but what, then, can we do to keep our knees healthy?! Knee problems and pain are also common problems! While not all knee problems can be prevented there are steps you can take to strengthen the muscles around your knees and improve flexibility in an effort to protect them.

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