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Gun Fire is Okay but Not Fireworks or Thunder

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    September 7, 2018 1:28 PM EDT

    Question submitted as part of the Crash, Boom, Bang: Update on Canine Noise Phobia Treatments webinar:


    I have tried ThunderShirt on my dog and it does not relieve the problem.  Holding her does not work.  She usually gravitates to a hallway where the noise is muffled.  I truly feel her ears hurt rather than it being a fear only.  I do end up putting her in her crate which she usually sees as a safe environment.  Oddly enough she loves hunting birds and will accept the gun fire if she is hunting birds.  Her biggest discomfort is fireworks and thunder.  Is this unusual?

  • September 7, 2018 1:44 PM EDT

    I wouldn’t say it’s common, but every dog is different. It’s possible the enjoyment of hunting birds outweighs the gun fire sounds, but the other sounds cause a reaction as she is not focused elsewhere on something enjoyable. Allowing the puppy or dog access to a space they feel safer like their crate or a room, etc. is fine. We all like to have a safe place, a sanctuary. I would also suggest continuing with the desensitization / counter conditioning, trying to add some type of white noise, calming music (Through A Dog’s Ear) and Adaptil Collar or diffuser, a Wrap (like Thundershirt) and discussing option with your veterinarian if the issue isn’t improving.