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Build Your Behavior Library

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    September 6, 2018 1:08 PM EDT

    We're pleased to offer these peer-reviewed publications on behavior topics that are available for purchase as educational supplements to our webinars. Save up to 75% off of the publisher's fees on these select textbook chapters and journal articles!

    We will deliver your selection(s) by email in the form of a PDF file (full color reproduction of the original publication ("Work"*)).

    *In making this purchase you shall agree not to reproduce, license, subscribe, sell, lease or distribute any Continuing Education materials, VetVine, or Elsevier Content (the "Work(s)") provided, nor shall you permit any other person or entity to use, reproduce, sell, license, subscribe, lease or distribute the Work(s).

    Titles include:

    • Helping Pet Owners Change Pet Behaviors: An Overview of the Science: Vet Clin of No Amer, 2018, pp 419-431; $9.95

    • Common Sense Behavior Modification: A Guide for Practitioners; Vet Clin of No Amer, 2014, pp 401-426; $10.95

    • Separation, Confinement, or Noises: What Is Scaring That Dog?; Vet Clin of No Amer, 2018, pp 367-386; $10.95

    • Desensitization and Counterconditioning: When and How?; Vet Clin of No Amer, 2018, pp 433-442; $9.95

    • Nature and nurture: How different conditions affect the behavior of dogs; J of Vet Behavior, 2016, pp 45-52; $9.95

    • Advances in Behavioral Psychopharmacology; Vet Clin of No Amer, 2018, pp 457-471; $9.95

    • Recognizing Behavioral Signs of Pain and Disease; Vet Clin of No Amer, 2014, pp 507-524; $10.95