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Can Vitamin D Help Itchy Dogs?

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    July 31, 2018 12:49 PM EDT

    Atopic dermatitis in dogs is one of the most common skin disorders treated in the veterinary practice setting. The degree of pruritus and severity of skin lesions can vary. Treatment typically includes allergen avoidance or hyposensitization as well as symptomatic treatments (e.g. anti-inflammatories, anti-itch therapies, etc). Caring for these patients is often intensive, can be frustrating, and some therapies are accompanied by undesirable side effects.

    One factor that can contribute to the development of atopy in dogs is compromise of the skin barrier - this potentiates the penetration of environmental allergens into the skin. Vitamin D is a hormone that is involved in the epidermal barrier function, modulation of immune responses to allergens, as well as production of antimicrobial peptides (thus influencing bacterial growth on the skin surface).

    In this Pet Health Pearl we discuss findings of a recently published study that examined the effects of Vitamin D supplementation in dogs with atopic dermatitis. Discussion includes the effects of vitamin D on pruritus and skin lesion severity scores, recommended monitoring, and precautions when considering vitamin D supplementation.

    Running time: 7 mins

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