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Incidentally Detected Splenic Nodules and Masses

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    June 16, 2018 12:27 PM EDT

    It's not uncommon for splenic changes to be incidentally discovered when performing a physical examination and/or abdominal ultrasonography, in the course of evaluating abdominal radiographs, or when performing an abdominal surgical procedure. 

    The ensuing conversation with the client often includes mention of the various differential diagnoses, associated prognoses, and the work-up recommendations.

    Until recently, the frequency of malignancy and survival rates of dogs with incidentally discovered, nonruptured splenic nodules was unknown. In this Pet Health Pearl we discuss splenomegaly and published data regarding this disease in dogs including:

    - Possible causes of splenomegaly
    - Detection of splenic disease
    - Pathologic changes of the spleen
    - Frequency of malignancy and common tumor types
    - Ultrasonographic appearance of benign and malignant splenic lesions
    - Survival rates in dogs with benign and malignant splenic disease
    - The Specialist's Spin and clinical approach when a splenic nodule or mass is discovered.

    Running time: 29 mins

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