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Spinal osteoarthritis is a very common problem in companion animals however it is one of the most under-recognized causes of pain for dogs and cats. Animals with back pain may show signs of lameness and confuse clinicians as to the source or location ...more
To be available for viewing On Demand. After collecting a history and performing a general physical exam, the neurologic exam performed requires both a hands-on and hands-off evaluation of the patient. This includes assessment of the patiient's menta...more
Although the prevalence of arthritis in cats is known to be quite high, it is not commonly identified or treated. As such, many cats may suffer from the chronic pain of osteoarthritis and have a diminished quality of life. When the diagnosis is made, tr...more
To be available for viewing On Demand. Assessing veterinary patients for possible neurologic disorders can be intimidating for some clinicians. Assessing feline patients in particular can be frustrating. Performing a neurologic exam on cats can be di...more
To be available for viewing On Demand. Vestibular disease is a common diagnosis in dogs and cats, however lesion localization can be confusing for some clinicians. There are many possible causes for vestibular signs (head tilt, ataxia, nystagmus, str...more
To be available for viewing On Demand. In this segment Dr. Rebecca Windsor discusses our current understanding of necrotizing meningoencephalitis - the cause of a condition known as Pug Dog Encephalitis. She details the clinical findings and presenta...more


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