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Making the Best Care for Pets Affordable

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    Pets are living longer and healthier lives now more than ever. This is largely due to advances in health care, diagnostic testing, treatment options for various diseases and conditions, prescription diets, supplements, and complementary modalities to help ailing pets.

    With these advances the out-of-pocket expenses related to pet care have risen. Neither pet owners nor veterinary professionals ever want a health care decision to come down to the cost for that care. So, how can we help to lessen the emotional burden of making a decision to treat or not to treat, and minimize the stress of cost of care?

    In this Specialty Update we're talking about how we can maximize the health and well-being of our companion animals and remove the stress of high costs that can be associated with this care. Discussion includes:

    - Why pet health insurance should be considered
    - The data demonstrating that pet health insurance promotes better care of pets by increasing and supporting their visits to their veterinarian
    - Navigating the pet health insurance maze and how to choose between insurance companies
    - An exciting new change to pet health insurance coverage that all veterinary professionals and pet owners should know about

    Running time: 10 mins

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  • Presenter(s): Mary Beth Leininger, DVM