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Advances in Behavioral Psychopharmacology

  • Title: Advances in Behavioral Psychopharmacology
  • Description:
    Vet Clin of No Amer: Sm Anim Pract - Vol 48(3), 2018, pp 457-471. Author: Leslie Sinn

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  • Category: Behavior

  • Abstract / Overview:

    Recent findings focusing on such drugs as trazodone, clonidine, and gabapentin have revolutionized how clinicians handle and treat dogs and cats.

    The results of these studies should be applied in the clinical setting with caution and with a full understanding of the potential pros and cons of using these medications.

    Despite promising results, additional research is desperately needed regarding pharmacokinetics, frequent and infrequent side effects, long-term behavioral impact, and the most clinically appropriate and effective use of these drugs.