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Fundamentals of Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • Title: Fundamentals of Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Description:
    Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound (Third Edition), 2015, Chapter 1, Pages 1-49. Authors: John S. Mattoon, Thomas G. Nyland

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  • Category: Radiology

  • Abstract / Overview:
  • Basic Acoustic Principles
    Image Quality: Spatial Resolution
    Special New Imaging Modes
    Image Orientation and Labeling
    Image Interpretation and Terminology
    Imaging Pitfalls and Artifacts
    Propagation Artifacts
    Doppler Ultrasonography
    Principles of Doppler
    Pulsed Wave Doppler Ultrasonography
    Continuous Wave Doppler Ultrasonography
    Interpretation of the Doppler Spectral Display
    Color Doppler
    Power Doppler
    Doppler Controls
    Important Doppler Artifacts
    Safety of Diagnostic Ultrasound

    Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Diagnostic Ultrasound