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Anesthesia in the Critically Ill Patient

  • Title: Anesthesia in the Critically Ill Patient
  • Description:
    Small Animal Critical Care Medicine (2nd ed), 2015, Chap 143, pp 759-766.  Author: J Quandt.

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  • Category: Anesthesia and Analgesia

  • Abstract / Overview:

    • Appropriately stabilizing the condition of the critically ill animal before anesthesia is imperative to minimize anesthesia-related complications.

    • Problems should be anticipated and an appropriate and efficient treatment and therapeutic plan developed before induction of anesthesia.

    • The use of a balanced anesthesia technique should be considered to minimize potential deleterious effects of single-drug therapy.

    • The use of positive pressure ventilation is mandatory with the administration of neuromuscular blocking agents.

    • Neuromuscular blocking agents do not have anesthetic or analgesic properties. 

      This Chapter includes recommended anesthetic agents and their dosages.