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Diagnostic Cytopathology in Clinical Oncology

  • Title: Diagnostic Cytopathology in Clinical Oncology
  • Description:
    Withrow and MacEwen's Small Animal Clinical Oncology (Fifth Edition), 2013, Chapter 7, Pages 111-130.  Authors:  Kristen R. Friedrichs and Karen M. Young.

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  • Abstract / Overview:
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    • Sample Collection
    • Collection Techniques
    • Cytologic Stains
    • Examination and Description of Cytologic Specimens
    • Specimens of Diagnostic Quality
    • Nonneoplastic Cells and Noncellular Material Found in Cytologic Specimens
    • Description of Neoplastic Populations
    • Sending Cytologic Samples to a Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Interpretation of Cytologic Specimens
    • Epithelial, Mesenchymal, and Discrete Round Cell Tumors
    • Tumors of Epithelial Tissues
    • Tumors of Hair Follicles and Sebaceous Glands
    • Tumors of the Epidermis
    •  Tumors of Glands
        • Tumors of the Urogenital System
        • Tumors of Organs
        • Tumors of Mesenchymal Tissues
        • Mesenchymal Tumors Composed of Spindle-Shaped and Stellate Cells
        • Mesenchymal Tumors Composed of Thin Elongate Cells
        • Mesenchymal Tumors Composed of Round or Oval Cells
        • Tumors of Melanocytes
        • Mesenchymal Tumors Composed of Cells Arranged in Dense Aggregates
        • Mesenchymal Tumors with Frequent Multinucleated Cells
        • Discrete Round Cell Tumors
        • Mast Cell Tumors
        • Plasma Cell Tumors
        • Lymphoma
        • Tumors of Histiocytic Origin
        • Mesenchymal and Epithelial Tumors That May Appear as Discrete Round Cell Tumors
        • Tumor Metastases and Tumors Exfoliating into Cavity Effusions
        • References