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Neurological Examination of the Cat - How to Get Started

  • Title: Neurological Examination of the Cat - How to Get Started
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    Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery - Vol 11(5), May 2009, pp 340–348.  Author:  Laurent Garosi, DVM Dip ECVN, MRCVS, RCVS
  • Category: Neurology

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  • Practical relevance

    Neurological diagnosis in veterinary practice can be very challenging, especially as many animals with neurological signs present as emergencies. Nevertheless, even in the absence of specialist facilities for definitively diagnosing neurological disorders, a great deal of information can be gained with some basic knowledge and a logical stepwise approach.


    Clinical challenges

    A lack of initial consideration as to where exactly the problem might be localised within the nervous system, and what kind of disease processes may be in operation there, is the most common cause of failure in the diagnosis of neurological conditions in cats. Too often, this presents a hurdle that pushes the clinician into neglecting the neurological evaluation in favour of making the best guess at which diagnostic tests may achieve a diagnosis.



    This article is aimed at all first opinion practitioners who see cats as, undoubtedly, whatever the presentation, the approach to a suspected neurological case can be daunting for even the calmest and most patient clinician. It will provide the necessary tools to perform and make the most of the neurological examination of the feline patient.