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Respiratory Acid-Base Disorders

  • Title: Respiratory Acid-Base Disorders
  • Description:
    Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Disorders in Small Animal Practice (Fourth Edition), 2012;  Chapter 11, pp 287-301.  Authors:  Rebecca A. Johnson, Helio Autran de Morais

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  • Category: Pulmonary and Respiratory

  • Abstract / Overview:
  • Article Outline


    • Control of alveolar ventilation:  Chemoreceptors and chemoreflexes, Mechanoreflexes
    • Gas diffusion and transport during respiration:  Carbon dioxide, Oxygen
    • The alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient
    • Hypoxemia:  Low partial pressure of inspired O2 (Pio2), Hypoventilation, Diffusion impairment, Ventilation-alveolar perfusion mismatch (- Mismatch), Right-to-left shunt
    • Respiratory acidosis:  
      Metabolic compensation in respiratory acidosis: Acute Respiratory Acidosis, Chronic Respiratory Acidosis
      Causes of respiratory acidosis
      Diagnosis and clinical features of respiratory acidosis
      Treatment of respiratory acidosis
    • Respiratory alkalosis:  
      Metabolic compensation in respiratory alkalosis:  Acute Respiratory Alkalosis, Chronic Respiratory Alkalosis
      Causes of respiratory alkalosis
      Diagnosis and clinical features of respiratory alkalosis
      Treatment of respiratory alkalosis
    • Dyspnea
    • Summary
    • References