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Oral Pathology

  • Title: Oral Pathology
  • Description:
    Topics in Companion Animal Medicine, Vol 23(2), May 2008, pp 59-71.  Author:  Brook A. Niemiec
  • Category: Dentistry

  • Abstract / Overview:
  • Oral disease is exceedingly common in small animal patients. In addition, there is a very wide variety of pathologies that are encountered within the oral cavity. These conditions often cause significant pain and/or localized and systemic infection; however, the majority of these conditions have little to no obvious clinical signs. Therefore, diagnosis is not typically made until late in the disease course. Knowledge of these diseases will better equip the practitioner to effectively treat them.


    This article covers the more common forms of oral pathology in the dog and cat, excluding periodontal disease, which is covered in its own chapter. The various pathologies are presented in graphic form, and the etiology, clinical signs, recommended diagnostic tests, and treatment options are discussed. 


    Pathologies that are covered include: persistent deciduous teeth, fractured teeth, intrinsically stained teeth, feline tooth resorption, caries, oral neoplasia, eosinophillic granuloma complex, lymphoplasmacytic gingivostomatitis, enamel hypoplasia, and “missing” teeth.