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Preventing Superbugs and Resistant Infections - How Veterinarians and Pet Owners Can Partner to Protect Both Human and Animal Health

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    One Health is a concept that acknowledges the interconnection between animal and human health. Individuals involved in the care of humans, animals, and the environment all play a role in optimizing health outcomes for both humans and animals.

    Although antimicrobial (antibiotic) resistance has become a well-recognized problem in both humans and animals, the implementation of good stewardship in the prescribing and administration of antibiotics has been slow in some circles. Drug-resistant infections have serious consequences including increases in morbidity and mortality rates, treatment costs, and treatment failures. Furthermore, the inappropriate use of these drugs in humans and animals can lead to the spread of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens between other animals and humans. It's a real threat to public health and a danger to those with compromised immune systems.

    In this Specialty Update veterinary epidemiologist Dr. Laurel Redding discusses the issue of antimicrobial resistance in veterinary medicine, pet owner perceptions about antimicrobial prescribing and their adherence to veterinarian instructions, and how veterinarians can promote good antimicrobial stewardship as well as engage pet owners in this effort.

    Running time: 18 mins

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  • Presenter(s): Laurel Redding, VMD, PhD
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