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Eye Exams - Restraint, Effects of Sedation, and Topical Anesthetics

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    Examination of a patient with the complaint of an eye problem can be frustrating for many practitioners. Our patients don't just lay there or adjust their gaze on our command. Though our ability to make a diagnosis relies heavily on our knowledge and understanding of the variables we are assessing, if we don't get a good a look at our patients' eyes we've got a problem.

    In this Specialty Update we share some helpful tips for successfully restraining and examining the eyes of small animals. Discussion includes the effects of various sedative drugs - with an emphasis on butorphanol - on the eye exam, topical proparacaine, and their effects on commonly performed tests including the general eye exam, ocular reflexes, pupil diameter, Schirmer Tear Test, fluorescein stain, intraocular pressure assessment, and corneal culture results.

    Running time: 24 mins

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  • Presenter(s): Sheri L. Berger, DVM, DACVO
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