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In-Clinic Cytology Staining Solutions - The Risks for Bacterial Contamination and Best Practices for Good Stain Stewardship

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    In-clinic cytology aids clinicians in the evaluation of fluid aspirates and samples collected from patients with problems involving the skin, ear, eye, or other discharges or exudates. This evaluation provides a real-time picture and informs the clinician of possible infectious or inflammatory components.

    In this Specialty Update, Dr. Peter Hill discusses the potential for in-clinic Diff-Quik or Quick Dip solutions to become contaminated in the course of introducing slides into the staining solution components. Discussion also includes best practices for minimizing contamination of these solutions and components of good stain stewardship.

    Running time: 16 mins

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  • Presenter(s): Peter B. Hill, BVSc, PhD, DVD, DACVD, DECVD, MANZCVS
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