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Surgical Successes and Lessons Learned

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    A 2.5 year old Great Dane presents with lethargy, bloody vomitus, and decreased stool production. He has an increased heart rate, bounding pulses, and a tense and painful abdomen.

    Join us in this case-based learning session and learn more about this dog, his diagnosis, interventions, outcome, and lessons learned from his surgeon.

    Running time: 13 mins

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  • Presenter(s): Laura Culbert, MS, DVM, DACVS
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  • Fighting Surgical Site Infections in Small Animals Are We Getting Anywhere?

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  • The Abdomen

    Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat (Fifth Edition), 2011; Chapter 2, pp 23-198. Authors: J. Kevin Kealy, Hester McA...  more