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A Novel Therapy for Treating Arthritis Pain: A Monthly Injectable Treatment for Controlling Arthritis Pain in Cats

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    Although the prevalence of arthritis in cats is known to be quite high, it is not commonly identified or treated. As such, many cats may suffer from the chronic pain of osteoarthritis and have a diminished quality of life. When the diagnosis is made, treatment can be challenging as there may be issues with efficacy and/or safety of various medications, and it's not always easy to administer oral medications to cats.

    We continue to learn more and more about pain and have come to understand that there are many signaling pathways involving a multitude of mediators that play a role in the genesis and perpetuation of chronic pain.

    In this segment (which originally aired as part of Session V of The Arthritis Summit) veterinary behavior expert Dr. Margaret Gruen provides a brief overview of these pain pathways and a novel approach to controlling pain with anti-nerve growth factor monoclonal antibodies. Her discussion includes how this therapy works, as well as the efficacy and adverse reactions that can be seen with this mode of therapy. Solensia (frunevetmab) is a newer commercially available treatment that can be administered by subcutaneous injection on a monthly basis. Dr. Gruen discusses the background regarding this drug and its use in treating cats with painful osteoarthritis.

    Running time: 16 mins

    This presentation is from Session V of The Arthritis Summit (the full 9 hour program is available for viewing On Demand:

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  • Presenter(s): Margaret Gruen, DVM, MVPH, PhD, DACVB
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