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Osteoarthritis Awareness and Recognition in Dogs and Cats

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    The pain of arthritis (osteoarthritis or OA) adversely impacts the lives of dogs and cats as well as the activities we can share in with them. But there is hope for these animals - beyond a prescription for pain pills or anti-inflammatories. Early recognition is key to slowing the progression of arthritis because a variety of  interventions can dramatically alter the course of this disease.

    Without obvious evidence of limping it can be difficult to tell when our animals are hurting. In this segment Dr. Marie Bartling discusses important risk factors and considerations around early recognition and diagnosis of osteoarthritis in dogs and cats.

    Running time: 51 mins

    This presentation originally aired as part of Session I of The Arthritis Summit (the full 9 hour program is available for viewing On Demand:

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  • Presenter(s): Marie Bartling, DVM, cVMA, IVCA, CCRT, CVPP
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