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Feeding the Mare and Young Horse

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  • Description:
    This is the second of a 4-part series on feeding the horse, presented by internationally recognized and leading equine nutrition consultant Dr. Steve Jackson.

    This segment focuses on the relationship between mare nutrition, fetal development, and postpartum growth including the feeding and nutrition of weanlings and yearlings. Discussion will include:

    - Nutrition of the pregnant mare and the impact on fetal development
    - Milk production in mares and creep feed or no creep feed
    - Transition of foals from on their mares to weanlings and then to yearlings
    - Pitfalls that may be encountered along the way that may involve or be caused by nutrition
    - Feeding horses for sale or show

    Running time: 53 mins

    Fee: $36 or Free for Premium Membership subscribers
  • Sponsor: VetVine
  • Presenter(s): Stephen G. Jackson, PhD
  • Fee (Basic Membership): $36