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What works for dogs with behavior disorders? - A nutritionist's perspective

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    In the past five years there has been an explosion of research looking at the interplay between nutrition, the gut microbiome, and behavior. Converging evidence suggests that the brain and the gut microbiota are in bidirectional communication, or what is now termed the “gut-brain axis.” Imbalances in the gut microbiota (termed dysbiosis) has been reported in rodent models and humans with depression, chronic stress, and other behavioral or mental illnesses.

    As diet plays a role in maintaining a healthy vs. dysbiotic gut, an emerging therapy called “nutritional psychiatry” is now being considered to augment conventional drug treatment of mental illness. For example, in the fastest growing neurodevelopmental disorder in the United States, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), dysbiosis and other GI dysfunctions in children with ASD has been reported. Studies of the interplay between diet and the gut microbiota look to identify potential dietary, probiotic, or prebiotic intervention strategies as part of treatment of ASD. Similarly, dogs with behavior issues often have evidence of dysbiosis and gut dysfunctions. The concept of the gut-brain axis and the strategy of using diet and probiotics can be included in the management of these behavior patients in veterinary practice.

    Join in this webinar in which the discussion includes:

    - The concept of the gut-brain axis with an emphasis on the interaction among gut microbiome, brain, and behavioral responses
    - How to identify the signs of dysbiosis in dogs with behavior issues
    - How to improve nutrition and impact the gut microbiome as part of the management of dogs with behavior issues

    Running time: 56 mins followed by 14 minutes of audience Q and A
  • Sponsor: Visbiome Vet
  • Presenter(s): Donna M. Raditic DVM, DACVN, CVA

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