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What do You Have to Give up to Find Happiness?

  • September 19, 2017 4:27 PM EDT


    Happiness is what we strive for. Many life changes have been made in the pursuit of happiness. How do our daily actions impact our state of happiness? Happiness is a process not a place. Consider five things that you need to give up to be happy.

    Give up complaining.

    The more you complain about something the more power, time and energy you lose thinking about something.

    Give up limiting beliefs.

    Many times we don’t take action or we avoid trying something new because we believe we can’t do it or that we might fail or make a mistake. Open up your mind to all options and consider if your belief is based on your current reality.


    Stop negative self-talk.

    How we talk to ourselves has a big impact on our interpretation of events and how we feel about the outcome. Listen to your self-talk for a day to determine how much of it is supportive and positive or negative.


    Give up on being perfect.

    Perfectionism is a barrier to learning and personal development. Adults learn by trial and error. By expecting to be perfect most people avoid the very things or activities that will help them learn and grow.


    Give up making choices to impress other people.

    You are the one living your life. It only makes sense that you make the choices that support your own needs and goals.


    Robert Biswas-Diener from Portland State University has 3 areas of focus that will improve your happiness factor. How to find Happiness article based on Biswas-Diener

    • Focus on the positive. Be optimistic.
    • Relieve your positive moments.
    • Choose to interpret events in a positive manner.

    Remember that what you focus on grows. So give up the negative things to be happy..

    What brings you joy? What stops you from being happy?

    I believe that happiness is a state of mind. You deserve to have happiness in your life. What are you willing to do right now to bring more joy into your life?

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