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The Habit of Completion

  • December 30, 2016 12:50 PM EST



    Feel good about checking something off that's on your list? It seems like a small satisfaction to know you have completed a task. Yet those some acts of completion help motivate us to keep moving forward with goals, projects, or just the steps of everyday life. What stops us from completing projects?

    Time. Lack of time is what everyone says prevents them from getting things done. I would disagree. I have found with my clients that when drilling down how they spend time, there are things they could stop doing, give away, or spend less time on. This change would then gain some valuable time for personal projects.

    I challenge you to reflect on how you spend your time and look for areas that you can make a change. Consider how these three steps might help you develop a habit of completion:

    Step One: Learn How to Say No

    Practice saying no to demands on your time and energy. Only say yes to things that make the best use of your time and bring you energy. 

    Step Two: Get Rid of Clutter

    Start with a small area and create a clutter free zone- on your desk and in your home. Use this area to work on projects or for planning and where you are not distracted by other items that might claim your attention. Clean out closets of items you do not use or that do not fit and find them a home with someone else who could use these items.

    Step Three: Chunk it Down

    Take any project that is too big or overwhelming and break it down into steps. Decide what five actions you could take to start on the big project and do those. Pick a time period - say between 20-40 minutes - and just commit to spending that amount of time on the project every week or every day.

    The habit of completion can be improved when you focus on small steps along the way. Give yourself credit for each step, so you avoid that feeling of overwhelm that prevents you from even starting on a new project.

    I am planning on spending the last few days of this year cleaning out files, clearing up loose ends and clearing out the clutter that allows me a fresh start to 2017.

    Need help? I won’t physically come to your office or home, but I can give you some practical ideas on how and where to start your new habits for 2017.  Learn more about VetVine's Life Coaching