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There is No Perfect Plan

  • February 16, 2016 7:00 PM EST

    Do you have dreams? Do you have plans that are waiting for just "the right time" to implement? This can apply to professional goals or your life plan. Each of us has a concept of how, ideally, we want to live, work and play. What are you doing to achieve that ideal goal or vision? Most people will admit to having, at least, some vague ideas about their goals. Very few people actually have their goals written down.

    Yet I would suspect that many of us are avid list makers. Why? When I capture my tasks on a list, they get done. It is that simple. If I don’t write them down or get them on my list, there is a much higher chance they get neglected or postponed. What does this teach us? And how does it translate into getting what you want in life? You must have written goals. Goals need to be very specific so that you can work towards a real objective - with a time line attached. One year I decided that my goal was to live in a cabin in the woods for a month. What I had in mind was a cozy cabin on a stream with lots of walking trails where I could spend a productive month working on next year’s projects. I did achieve that goal. However, my goal was not very specific. So what I got was living in a KOA cabin with no heat or running water for a month while on a travel assignment. I laugh now at this contrast between my ideal and the reality of my goal achieved. It is a great reminder that goals need to be very specific or you might get something completely different than your intended outcome.

    Now comes the action part of any goal. What are you willing to do for this goal to be achieved? There will be a cost in time, effort or choices. Every step can be broken down into small actions that are reasonable and that fit into your daily schedule.

    The last step is to make a plan. Here is a sticking point for many people. We want to get it right. So the plan has to be air tight, all options considered, and be sketched out all the way to how you achieve your final goal. Right?

    To achieve any goal you must start with a plan. However, as you move forward you will then monitor, modify and adjust your plan based on how it's working for you. Remember this is how adults learn - by doing. You can do some adjusting or changing of course if mistakes are made along the way or if you discover that something just does not work the way you imagined it would.

    Throw out the idea of a perfect plan. Put a plan together that gets you started on your goals.

    That plan will serve as the basis for taking action. Small actions will move you towards your goal. Say yes to your dreams by turning them into realistic goals and moving forward one action step at a time.

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