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Celebrate Your Successes

  • December 30, 2015 4:05 PM EST

    Why does tracking your success make you more successful?

    Do you stop and celebrate completed projects or successful action steps? If you are like most people, you are too focused on mistakes or failures to pay any attention to what you did accomplish this week, month, or year. The habit of keeping failure or mistakes in mind negates our success and can cause us to become discouraged and lose hope of self-development or improvement.

    This year start a new practice of keeping a success journal. Writing down your successes helps you become more empowered. Once you write something down, your subconscious reminds you that you are successful and accomplished. Celebrate action steps as you complete them. The ability to acknowledge yourself for a task completed reinforces the habit of getting things done.

    Why is it important to celebrate success? Taking the time to remind ourselves of what we are proud of and achieving builds self confidence and motivates us to strive for new goals. 

    What is worthy of celebrating? That answer is very personal. Anything that you have worked hard on, or have been persistent in making happen counts. I create a year-end list of everything that I have accomplished. My list this year includes reducing my paper files by one drawer, swimming twice a week, getting a Twitter account, and facilitating a leadership retreat for women. I am proud of one hike on a very high, steep trail. If I had tried this alone, I would have turned around because I am not comfortable in high exposed places. I let friends help me through the tough spots. The reward was the most amazing view of the summer, once I could sit down and enjoy the view. Your list will be unique to you.

    Try this as an exercise. Sit down in a quiet space. Use paper or computer. For one hour write down everything that you can think of that you accomplished in the last year. Don’t censor it or analyze the list, just let your thoughts flow. Enjoy the feeling of success as you read and review that list.

    Here are some questions to guide your thoughts as you consider your accomplishments:

    • What did I learn?
    • What challenged me?
    • What habits have supported my self-care?
    • How have I contributed to my community?
    • What have I achieved that surprised me?
    • What smaller steps have I made towards bigger goals?
    • What am I most proud of?

    Now decide how you want to celebrate all of these amazing accomplishments. Do something just for you that is nurturing and rewarding. Paying attention to your success steps will build confidence and your overall appreciation of your skills and expertise. Enjoy and have fun with this new habit of celebrating your success.