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Point-of-care glucometer use in practice

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    February 27, 2015 2:27 PM EST

    Point-of-care (POC) glucometers are commonly used in the veterinary practice setting for spot checking glucose values and performing glucose curves in diabetic patients. It's been established that using glucometers designed for human use, in our veterinary patients, have variable degrees of accuracy in the reported values. For example, with hemodilution we can see falsely increased glucose measurements and with hemoconcentration we can see falsely low glucose measurements in dogs.

    Until recently, glucometers developed for veterinary use have not been thoroughly studied in this fashion. Specifically, looking at the effects of PCV on veterinary POC glucometer measurements. A recent study evaluated the effect of PCV on veterinary POC glucometer measurements and, with the findings, went on to develop a correction formula for the measured glucose value given the known PCV of the patient. The findings and clinical signficance are revealed in my upcoming discussion on the topic - look for it in the Evidence Based Updates.

    (Approved for 0.25 hrs CE credit in New York and by the NJVMA, pending approval for CE credit by AAVSB RACE).

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    Formulation and validation of a predictive model to correct blood glucose concentrations obtained with a veterinary point-of-care glucometer in hemodiluted and hemoconcentrated canine blood samples. JAVMA, Vol 246(3), Feb 1, 2015, pp 307-312. Authors: SL Lane, BM Brainard.