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Fairness to Pet Owners Act

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    April 21, 2014 6:33 PM EDT

    Curious as to how Colleagues feel about the proposed Fairness to Pet Owners Act (H.R. 4023)?

    As per the AVMA ... "Like its predecessor in the previous Congress, H.R. 1406, the legislation would require a veterinarian to provide a client with a written prescription for domesticated household animals, whether or not requested by the client. The veterinarian would be prohibited from charging for the prescription or asking a client to sign a liability waiver related to writing the prescription."

    The context of my question is this ... In my professional life, I have worked for a corporate veterinary entity.  Price mark-ups were mostly set in stone ... and many hoops had to be navigated to request price adjustments in prescription meds.  Some ophthalmics were priced  such that it was sometimes prohibitive for clients to afford, much less justify (selling to them) as alternate (more affordable) sources existed.  

    Appreciate any comments and thoughts on this topic!