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Technology to Optimize Patient Outcomes and Client Adherence

  • April 6, 2022 6:01 PM EDT


    Technology to Optimize Patient Outcomes and Client Adherence

    The best outcome for any patient (human or animal) receiving treatment for a medical condition or after a surgery or procedure hinges on adhering to the doctor's instructions and follow-up recommendations. Healthcare providers rely on the monitoring of a patient's progress for making adjustments to treatment protocols or recommending other interventions - all in an effort of optimizing a clinical outcome and improving their patient's quality of life. In the world of veterinary medicine, the collaboration or partnership between a veterinarian and our client (pet parent) is critical to the successful care and management of an animal companion. We have a shared responsibility with our clients to improve the quality of life and longevity of their pets.

    Patients are often encouraged by their healthcare provider to maintain a diary for purposes of recording events and symptoms - in an effort to identify factors or triggers to setbacks or improvements. As veterinarians, we rely on our clients to report this type of information on their pet's behalf. The reality is that everyone is busy, and for most of us there aren't enough hours in the day. Most everyone, though, carries a smartphone; technology is nearly always at our fingertips, and there's an app for just about everything these days!

    When discharging a patient from the hospital or at the conclusion of an appointment we often ask clients to chart a patient's progress between visits. It's a challenge for many of our clients to find the time or remember to document their observations. Thanks to technology it’s now easier than ever for your clients to do just that! SymptoMedic deconstructs these barriers and encourages client adherence with SymptoMedic Pets. SymptoMedic Pets is a new mobile app that allows pet owners to document their pet’s clinical signs or other events between appointments and then share that information with the clinical team. Because the information added is automatically time and date stamped, it’s easy for pet owners to track their pet’s progress after surgery, treatment or medication changes! Images and video can be added so there’s no need for clients to send email messages and texts - everything can be captured on the app and shared or discussed prior to or during the next appointment.

    Using this app gives owners a real and meaningful opportunity to impact the care and quality of life of their pets. In addition, with better information coming into the clinic, the veterinarian can better assess the patient's progress and determine appropriate courses of action or changes in treatment recommendations.

    The app can be downloaded at the App Store and on Google Play. There’s a 14-day free trial and then the cost is just $0.99 per month. An unlimited number of pets and moments can be added. 

    Share this information with your clients - it provides a win-win-win opportunity for the veterinarian, client, and pet patient. Veterinarians can learn more or request client marketing materials by contacting SymptoMedic at


    A pet's health can be easily managed in one place with SymptoMedic Pets. The pet's timeline and moments can be sorted and shared with the veterinary team to provide a more accurate description of the pet's health status prior to and between visits. It's very easy to use and the app supports the partnership between you and your client. The information provided by the app allows the veterinarian to quickly and effectively see what they need to make the best decisions and optimize the pet's medical care and wellbeing.

    Scan with your phone’s camera to download the app and learn more at