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Percorten / Zycortal treatment regimen for Addison's Disease

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    November 19, 2019 8:34 PM EST

    This question was forwarded to me related to the webinar on New Research Insights Into Canine Addison's Disease ...

    Can you comment about low-dose treatment protocols with Percorten / Zycortal and their efficacy?

    I have not yet used this lower dose in a clinical case, but the question likely relates to the prospective study that was published just this year. That study showed that in the majority of dogs (15/17 dogs in the study) started at 1.5mg/kg (instead of the standard dose of 2.2mg/kg) DOCP, the lower dose was effective in controlling clinical signs and electrolyte concentrations. There is a second study that has recently been presented in abstract form that used 1.1mg/kg. The results are exciting and will likely provide significant cost savings for many owners of dogs with Addison's disease.



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