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NSDTR (Toller) Dog Diagnosed with Meningitis or Encephalitis

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    November 19, 2018 1:53 PM EST

    Question submitted by the audience in our recent webinar: Understanding Steroid Responsive Meningitis-Arteritis and Other Inflammatory Neurological Disorders of Dogs:

    Just shy of 3rd birthday, my NSDTR (toller) was diagnosed via MRI and lumbar puncture with inflammation of the spinal column consistent with meningitis or encephalitis. He was prescribed 2 antibiotics and an anti-fungal in addition to high dose prednisone with a very slow taper over 10 months. He recovered fully. We have considered this to have been SRMA.  This was 7 years ago and there has been no recurrence. Does this make it more likely that it was a single episode of meningitis, and not actually SRMA? How could we distinguish this?

    Answer by: 
    Karen R. Muñana, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology):

    Some dogs with SRMA will not have relapses, so that does not help in distinguishing SRMA from other causes of encephalitis or meningitis.