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Pain sensitivity in dogs of different breeds:
What do we know, and what do we believe?

Margaret E. Gruen, DVM, MVPH, PhD, DACVB

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Running time: 25 mins

Our understanding and awareness of the relationship between behavior and pain has grown over the years, and more recently work has been done to investigate pain sensitivity in dogs of different breeds, including how we measure it. 

In this webinar board-certified veterinary behaviorist Dr. Margaret Gruen will discuss the history of beliefs about pain sensitivity in different dog breeds and how that might shape our responses to them, how we can test these beliefs and their impact using measures like quantitative sensory testing, and she will review the AKC Canine Health Foundation-funded project that was designed to begin to address these questions. 

Viewers will come away with a better understanding of:

  • The perceptions held by veterinarians and the general public regarding pain sensitivity in dogs breeds
  • The methods for assessing pain sensitivity in dogs
  • What we know about pain sensitivity between different dog breeds
  • The possible impacts of our beliefs about pain sensitivity on pain management in dogs

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