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GDV - What we know, and what we wish we knew!

Elizabeth Rozanski, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM), DACVECC



Gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), or bloat, is a common condition in large and giant breed dogs with an unacceptably high morbidity and mortality rate. Due to the importance of GDV in many dog breeds, several previous studies have investigated potential risk factors for the development of GDV. It is known that there is no single cause for GDV, rather its occurrence is multifactorial, with both genetic and environmental factors contributing to the condition. Understanding what causes GDV allows us to intervene to prevent the disease from occurring.

In this webinar Dr. Rozanski provides updates on our current knowledge and understanding about GDV in dogs. Her discussion includes:

  • What is known about the genetic aspects of GDV
  • The pathophysiology and treatment of GDV
  • Why some dogs who develop GDV do poorly
  • Preventative measures including surgical gastropexy
  • Our current challenges with GDV in dogs, ongoing research efforts, and possible targets


Running time: 57 minutes followed by 7 minutes of Q&A

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